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Personal Loans

Concorde Bank offers a variety of lending services to meet your ever-changing credit needs. Stop by one of our offices and apply for a loan today.

Installments Loans If you are in need of an installment loan, Concorde Bank can help. We offer competitive rates on a variety of consumer loans including, automobile, home improvement, recreational, and personal--for whatever your needs may be.

Home Equity Term Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit Use the equity in your home to help fulfill some other need. Home equity loans can be used to help consolidate debt, finance a new business or expansion, fund home improvement projects, and even purchase a vehicle.

Personal Saving Accounts

Home improvement loans are available for remodeling, additions, landscaping, major repairs, and other improvements. A Concorde Bank Loan Officer can assist you with a home improvement loan to meet your specific needs.

Ready Credit

Ready Credit provides protection for overdrafts and the line of credit helps you better manage your money when new needs arise. Apply for a Ready Credit today.


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